My Promise to You –

The thing I try to impress upon my couples as your Outer Banks officiant is that I am here to do the work. I want you to have fun and enjoy one of the greatest days of your lives! I take the time to get to know the couples I marry on the OBX. This is done through a relaxed, fun conversation and a tried and true set of questions developed over time.

I don’t like to simply marry people, my intent is to get to know you and form a relationship with you both as your wedding officiant and friend on the Outer Banks! Additionally, I strive to understand the vision you have for your wedding ceremony.

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From our conversations I’ll produce a draft of your personal story, which generally anchors the ceremony—all with your approval and suggestions.

This “narrative” creates an intimacy among the guests that is not possible in a standardized, “cookie cutter” ceremony.

I will work tirelessly with you to find ways, large and small, that your ceremony speaks to your heart, amongst all faiths and cultures. My hope is a fun, personable process that gets you excited about your Outer Banks wedding day and re-affirms your love for each other 🙂

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Outer Banks Wedding Officiant

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