More and more couples are opting for small, intimate ceremonies and celebrations known as micro-weddings. What is a micro-wedding? A micro-wedding is different from an elopement in that it is a planned event, still holds traditional elements found in a classic wedding, and has attendees, just at a smaller scale. Most consist of a small guest list, a personal intimate ceremony, a couple hours of photos with dinner and a party afterwards.

Perks of The Micro-Wedding

Easy on the Wallet!

The smaller a guest count you have, the smaller the number you’ll see on your credit card statement! Less people means less money going toward food and drink, a large venue, and all the small things that add up such as invitations and favors.

Invest in Something Special to You!

Instead of putting all of your savings toward your wedding, indulge in something you truly are passionate about. Wether you and your soon-to-be spouse both have a love for the Bahamas, or you both want to go on a retreat, you can make it happen by saving with a micro-wedding.

Break the Mold for Less Stress

Some people may dream of a large wedding like in the movies, but many people simply don’t want all of that attention. If the idea of  sharing one of your most intimate moments with 300 people doesn’t excite you, that’s okay! There is no right or wrong amount of people you need to invite to your wedding. Wallflowers may experience stress thinking about being surrounded by large groups of people. Talk it out with your partner, and if a small guest count is what you both want, then go for it. Remember, it’s you and your significant’s day, no one else’s.

A large event can be quite the celebration, but also puts pressure on the newlyweds to spend the entire reception visiting with potentially hundreds of people. The next day you might not remember half of those conversations due to volume. Smaller events allow you to spend more time with those that really are closest to you.

I Do OBX + Your Micro-Wedding

One of the most appealing aspects of a micro-wedding is the simplicity of the event. Having less can be so much more. Let I Do OBX help you focus on quality over quantity with a good budget number that won’t break your bank! 🙂 Over 75% of our weddings are just that, having 30 guests or less! We will provide you with all your needs and will point you in the right direction to our team of trusted Outer Banks wedding vendors that will work with you on what we don’t provide. I Do OBX will give you the luxury to design your wedding day exactly the way you want without having to conform to the forced traditions of a big wedding with 100% customizable wedding packages. Choose from rentals and services for rehearsal dinner, ceremony, and reception, or all of the above! It’s simple with I Do OBX Weddings + Events.