We asked our followers on Instagram what they have been doing during quarantine with their significant other, and received some fun answers that we wanted to share with you. Read on for some inspiration for at-home dates with your significant other!

“Facebook live concerts to watch our favorite local band and battleship dates!”

Calling all music lovers! This is a unique idea. Tons of musicians and bands are going live with concerts that you may otherwise never have the opportunity to see due to work or any other circumstance. You can personalize an account and follow artists that may be going live online here.

Board games are always a classic option to entertain and keep your brain active! Dust off your Monopoly board and get ready for some friendly competition.

“Everyone (except me) gets in the car and leaves. Then I stay here by myself and drink wine.”

This one made us chuckle! As long as the rest of the household is being safe with social distancing, it is important to make sure you have time for yourself! Take time to have a private zoom session with your friends or read your current favorite book.

“Cooking together!”

Cooking can be very time-consuming! If you are usually limited in time, take this unique opportunity to experiment with newer and elaborate dishes that you usually might not have time for. If one partner usually cooks, switch it up and have the other partner take the lead while the other assists.

“Dinners on the back porch <3”

Change up the atmosphere by moving dinner outdoors if possible! Another option is to have an at-home “tasting” outside before dinner. Gather anything you might like to have a tasting of, it doesn’t have to be the standard wine tasting. It could even be an ice cream tasting! Schedule this for sunset if possible for extra relaxation.

“We made a fancy meal and got all dressed up for a candlelit dinner!”

Let’s face it, most of us are lounging in our sweatpants most of the time lately! Getting dressed up provides a nice change of pace and can feel refreshing.

“Movie night with popcorn!”

This may not be the most unique idea, but it is the easiest and the most classic! Take turns picking movies and discuss what you loved or didn’t love after each movie. Running out of things to watch? Trade a friend your Hulu password for their Netflix access.

“Making a COVID-19 time capsule for our future kids to open!”

Hopefully something like this won’t happen in the future, but it is certainly a time you’ll remember and want to tell your kids about in the future. Create your own time capsule to tell your future family about this challenging but unique time you experienced with your significant other.

Some additional date ideas!

A night in the dark…

Have a night without electricity or phones! Turn off all the lights and have a night only lit by candles.

Get Artsy

Gather up your paint and canvases and turn on an episode of Bob Ross, or a Youtube painting tutorial. Don’t let each other see your painting until the end!


Pick a dancing scene from your favorite movies or one of the popular dance challenges and master it! This can be a fun party trick to show off with your SO at future get-togethers post-quarantine.

Switch Hobbies

Does your partner love video gaming but you could care less? Promise to try it out for an hour if your significant other lets you practice your new eyeshadow technique after!